Google Forms Digital Signature Manual

The problem of saving electronic documents from copying, modification, and forgery requires for its solution specific means and methods of protection.

Electronic Document Management and Digital Signature

The computerized accounting system is designed to record and process data on business transactions. Their accumulation is carried out in databases that organize and organize information. A database is a named, structured collection of interconnected data that belongs to a specific subject area and is stored on computer media, usually with an application program. The main purpose of databases is to store, accumulate, update and search for the necessary information.

Electronic document management is a powerful information flow that can be automated in two ways. In the first case, the passage and storage of documents are specialized systems. But organizations always have a set of documents that do not “fit” into one of the existing information systems (IS). These can be internal reports, organizational and administrative, project, and other documentation. In this case, the movement of documents can be automated only with the help of specialized electronic document management systems with support for workflow technology.

In the conditions of modern business development, the system of electronic document management (SED) has to solve the problems connected with optimization of expenses, with a possibility of the economy of internal resources of the enterprise. In this case, the most optimal option is a situation for the company, when the implemented information system of electronic document management allows you to quickly (in 2-3 months) recoup the cost of implementation. A necessary condition for such implementation is the presence at the enterprise of an employee who has knowledge in the field of process management, skills in constructing diagrams of notations describing business processes

Your Manual for Google Forms Digital

The introduction of Google forms digital signature should always address the issues of optimization of business processes and labor savings for both management and ordinary employees of the enterprise. The maximum effect of the implementation is achieved when the electronic document management operates in a single information space with a management and accounting system. This integrated system allows you to solve many more problems

  • Signing the document with the help of Google forms digital signature will take no more than 3 minutes:
  • On the opened page you will be asked to download EDS or CEP.
  • To do this, download the key file from your computer or simply drag it into the service window, and then select the certification authority to which it is issued.
  • Enter the password to the key and click “Next”.
  • The service considers the key and shows your data from the register.

One of the main problems of Google forms digital signature is the low level of efficiency: if the network infrastructure itself is under attack and cannot deliver packets. Therefore, there is a clear need for new solutions in which a security policy is applied each time the packet passes through the hosts. If the network infrastructure can verify the authenticity of traffic, the network can take countermeasures against various attacks throughout the path of use. This would quickly and effectively stop the attacks and increase the likelihood of detecting attackers.

Google forms digital signatures to provide security and control over access to documents in a limited environment. However, when a document leaves a secure environment, it is easy to change it. Unprotected documents do not allow us to determine whether the document is authentic, who was the compiler and claim, or whether it has been changed since its creation.